You are probably thinking you need to clean up your diet… “Oh, no diets I hate dieting”! I agree with you, I hate them myself. You know I had the biggest sweet tooth out of anyone I knew, and I had such a lack of self-control when I was around deserts 6-year-olds would get embarrassed for me. My lack of self-control was practically non-existent. One thing I’ve learned about myself was that: I’M ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE AT MODERATION. I either go all out or nothing! Well since I was a child I was fascinated by superheroes and larger than life characters, I always wanted the type of chiselled body that would be desired by women and envied by men. Which is great, but my other greater desire was food. Something had to give, It was now or never!

I had tried all sorts of fad diets in the past, but would always end up gaining more than when I started. I knew more about diets than most dieticians. I thought to myself, had anyone living ever lost the weight and kept it off or maintained a great body throughout life, I was on a quest! This is what I found: diets and exercise programs can help you lose a few pounds in the short-term, but long term, studies showed that 92-98% of all dieters gain back all their lost weight – and often more. So I wasn’t alone If this has been your experience too if you’ve tried and failed to lose weight and keep it off.

It boils down to only three things, the belief in your self, the reason you want to change and finally your habit patterns, these 3 components, in my opinion, are the only way you can get in shape and stay in shape for life. Sylvester Stallone was chubby at 29 he is now 70 and has had a 6 pack for decades, Madonna was voluptuous in her 20’s and just like Stallone, when the weight was conquered she has been in shape for decades too with no fluctuations, why is that?

The answer is simple, it is the mindset.

When you change the ideas in your head you can suddenly follow through without inordinate amounts of self-discipline, you follow through with ease and by choice.

Use your imagination to see your ideal body and nurture the habits to make the image real, sounds simple, it is though it is not easy, just like anything worthwhile with a little effort and consistency you can program your mind for success.

This was a very memorable case I worked with some time back, hope you enjoy the read, illustrates that it is almost always, mind over matter.

Testimonial by J. Robbins

“Where to begin?

Came to Dominic with feelings of depression, sometimes suicide even, was very unhappy with myself, didn’t love myself, was beginning not to see the point in life. Due to prior circumstance, I had no self esteem etc. His questionnaire actually sealed it for me; it made me look inside and see what the facts were about myself. So I booked; he even let me see him on a weekend so I could avoid dealing with the London Congestion charge!

Parking was easy; there is an underground Q-Park literally next to Harley Street, and also another one opposite Cavendish Park. I had 4 hours to kill before seeing him at 10am; really underestimated how quickly one could get from the stretches of England to London, in a car, at 4am. So I had a walk around London, in my slippers (yes, my self esteem was so low I had stopped caring about appearance) and spent time waiting in the local McDonalds, the only place open on Sunday before 11am.

I was waiting at his buildings door when he suddenly, almost like a magician, appeared there before me, dressed in all black, what looked like Gucci, basically looking like one of those male models you see in Fashion week. Which speaks volumes; a guy who looks like a model and therefore likely lives a clean lifestyle is going to show me how to live a clean, healthy, self loving lifestyle. Not like the hypnotherapists who “specialise” in weight loss where I live who are fatter than me…

He leads me into his cosy office, offers me a bottle of water (eurgh, who drinks water? I had Coke…got told off for that!) (I now drink water daily!), and we begin.

It was a surreal experience. 4 hours just drifted past. I didn’t actually rate it much because he uses NLP as well as hypnosis, so repeats a lot of things so your mind can process it. I actually left 4 hours later and drove home thinking he had not been able to hypnotise me.

I got home very late; it took me 6 hours to get home, lots of hassle compared to the 2 hours it took me to get there! Straight to bed, thinking it had all been for nothing. Then I woke up.

Everything changed.

I woke up a completely different person. It is like it took sleep for my mind to reset itself, I had a complete loss of the lack of self esteem, I was up early walking my dog, like this is the most natural thing in the world.

Ever seen the movie Limitless? The character takes this special pill that is supposed to make him superhuman in brain power. The first day he doesn’t do anything that special; instead he cleans his apartment and makes it all neat and tidy. This is what this hypnotherapy was like. I woke up and I cleaned myself, and I don’t mean I had a shower; I cut my nails, trimmed my beard, ate healthy breakfast instead of skipping it; all without thinking about it.

The whole experience has made me wonder what secrets and techniques are behind NLP Hypnotherapy. Which made me research, this is the way I learn. Turns out I can apply it to my business… you can sell stuff via NLP persuasion. If that works on strangers in Canada over the internet, imagine how powerful it is to have a MASTER nlp practitioner see you on a one-to-one basis!!!

Also, three months later I was in London on business and he fitted me in for a free hour just to “top up” my hypnotherapy. How is that for aftercare!

I speak to Dominic on Facebook, in between his busy hours of work and play, and he is always there for me when I have a question, or just for the banter; I think I have made a friend for life. I have lent friends money in the past, much more money than the cost of admission to this amazing psychological reprogramming; and lost friends over it, so in terms of value, words cannot really describe how much value I got from 4 hours of time with Dominic. I have a much better experience with people, especially women, and everything comes naturally to me. I have also lost 50lb of weight since I went to see him (December 2014, it is now June 2015) just by eating healthily and getting exercise in, all of which seems like instinct to me. Instead of sitting on Autotrader fantasizing about cars I have been reading kettlebell sub-reddits on, buying kettlebells and swinging them ’till my hearts content. Instead of binging on junk food I have been eating stuff I would never have thought likely; like unsalted cashew nuts, drinking spring water, and eating salads.

I follow a diet that is also natural for me, but is enjoyable. Basically lazy Ketosis; high amounts of protein and good fats and a cheat day every Saturday where I get my naughty carbs. I used to eat a lot of fruits before and now I don’t due to the high amount of sugar in them…again this is without thinking about it myself.

I can sincerely recommend this to everyone. Yes, the price of admission is expensive, but then if you think of it in value terms it really isn’t. Rarely will you find such a cheap investment in life. Good luck, not that you need luck in Dominics care!”

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Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher would get by on four hours a night and Thomas Edison claimed it was a waste of time.

Most of us mere mortals, however, do tend to function at our best with 7-8 hours sleep and if we don’t then things can get a little miserable, there is ample science that proves a good night helps everything from brain optimisation to balancing hormone levels.

So how do we sleep, what’s normal and how do we correct poor sleeping habits?

Sleep pattern’s start light for about 20 minutes then develops into slow-wave sleep for around two hours. Your brainwaves then speed up and you spend about 20 minutes in REM sleep. Your brainwaves slow down once again and you go through light sleep to slow-wave sleep again. You don’t spend so long in slow-wave sleep the second time. Ordinarily, you go through this cycle three or four times during the course of the evening. If your cycle of sleep is interrupted and you are having difficulty in dropping of following the steps below.

If Anxiety is the cause of your loss of sleep follow these steps:

  • Positively visualise yourself at your best and revisit memories from the past where you have previously pulled through.
  • If negative chatter formulates in your mind, turn your negative story around into the positive outcome you wish to have happened.
  • Recognise in every difficulty there is always an opportunity, you can’t have a negative without a positive, bear in mind over a period of 37 years author and researcher Napoleon Hill discovered that people’s greatest break thoughts came directly after what looked like their biggest failures “In every seed of adversity there is an equal or even greater seed of an opportunity”.

 Correcting Your Sleep Cycle With The 5 Point System Below

  • In order to sort out your sleep, you need to reset the whole set of cycles to make the subconscious urge to sleep stronger. The way you do this is to increase your readiness to sleep by bringing forward the end of your sleep cycle. When you wake up earlier in the morning, it pulls forward the time at which your body is ready to go to sleep at the end of the day. If you normally get up at 7 am, for the next few weeks get up at 6.30am. Clinical research shows this is the single most effective strategy for sorting out insomnia. If the body gets used to catching up on sleep late in the morning, it does not prepare properly for sleep at the beginning of the night.


  • If you are unable to get to sleep get on with all the tasks you’ve been putting off and go to bed only when you feel really sleepy. When you first start using this system you may find that you are up much later than usual. Don’t worry, that is normal. After a few days of going to bed late and getting up earlier, you will find your natural sleepiness begins to show up earlier in the evening.


  • The desire for sleep is much like appetite for food. Snacking all day may disrupt mealtimes, but if you don’t snack between meals you will have a healthier appetite at dinner. No to naps during the day. Go to bed only at night, and only when you feel sleepy.


  • Slow down your internal dialogue and if you have thoughts or images running through your mind practice, slowing down the images and internal sounds. Also, ensure that you are focusing on sleeping blissfully to the exclusion of anything else. If you I say to you don’t think of the colour blue it will instantly appear in your mind’s eye. If you think ‘I don’t want poor sleep’ you are likely to induce poor sleep.


  • When lying in bed remember times and places where you slept deeply, this cognitive recollection reminds your subconscious mind how you use to sleep and this is sometimes the nudge you need to sleep well.