Testimonials, Praise, Love and Hugs

Every time I receive an email or message from someone saying how much the session has changed their life I literally get goosebumps! I started working with clients to help people reclaim their lives and improve the quality of their years, so nothing makes me happier than hearing how my clients have overcome things which at one time in their lives they thought was impossible.

I am blessed to have received hundreds of amazing emails and success stories and would like to share them with you.

Weight Loss

Testimonial by J. Robbins

Where to begin?

Came to Dominic with feelings of depression, sometimes suicide even, was very unhappy with myself, didn’t love myself, was beginning not to see the point in life. Due to prior circumstance, I had no self esteem etc. His questionnaire actually sealed it for me; it made me look inside and see what the facts were about myself. So I booked; he even let me see him on a weekend so I could avoid dealing with the London Congestion charge!

Parking was easy; there is an underground Q-Park literally next to Harley Street, and also another one opposite Cavendish Park. I had 4 hours to kill before seeing him at 10am; really underestimated how quickly one could get from the stretches of England to London, in a car, at 4am. So I had a walk around London, in my slippers (yes, my self esteem was so low I had stopped caring about appearance) and spent time waiting in the local McDonalds, the only place open on Sunday before 11am.

I was waiting at his buildings door when he suddenly, almost like a magician, appeared there before me, dressed in all black, what looked like Gucci, basically looking like one of those male models you see in Fashion week. Which speaks volumes; a guy who looks like a model and therefore likely lives a clean lifestyle is going to show me how to live a clean, healthy, self loving lifestyle. Not like the hypnotherapists who “specialise” in weight loss where I live who are fatter than me…

He leads me into his cosy office, offers me a bottle of water (eurgh, who drinks water? I had Coke…got told off for that!) (I now drink water daily!), and we begin.

It was a surreal experience. 4 hours just drifted past. I didn’t actually rate it much because he uses NLP as well as hypnosis, so repeats a lot of things so your mind can process it. I actually left 4 hours later and drove home thinking he had not been able to hypnotise me.

I got home very late; it took me 6 hours to get home, lots of hassle compared to the 2 hours it took me to get there! Straight to bed, thinking it had all been for nothing. Then I woke up.

Everything changed.

I woke up a completely different person. It is like it took sleep for my mind to reset itself, I had a complete loss of the lack of self esteem, I was up early walking my dog, like this is the most natural thing in the world.

Ever seen the movie Limitless? The character takes this special pill that is supposed to make him superhuman in brain power. The first day he doesn’t do anything that special; instead he cleans his apartment and makes it all neat and tidy. This is what this hypnotherapy was like. I woke up and I cleaned myself, and I don’t mean I had a shower; I cut my nails, trimmed my beard, ate healthy breakfast instead of skipping it; all without thinking about it.

The whole experience has made me wonder what secrets and techniques are behind NLP Hypnotherapy. Which made me research, this is the way I learn. Turns out I can apply it to my business… you can sell stuff via NLP persuasion. If that works on strangers in Canada over the internet, imagine how powerful it is to have a MASTER nlp practitioner see you on a one-to-one basis!!!

Also, three months later I was in London on business and he fitted me in for a free hour just to “top up” my hypnotherapy. How is that for aftercare!

I speak to Dominic on Facebook, in between his busy hours of work and play, and he is always there for me when I have a question, or just for the banter; I think I have made a friend for life. I have lent friends money in the past, much more money than the cost of admission to this amazing psychological reprogramming; and lost friends over it, so in terms of value, words cannot really describe how much value I got from 4 hours of time with Dominic. I have a much better experience with people, especially women, and everything comes naturally to me. I have also lost 50lb of weight since I went to see him (December 2014, it is now June 2015) just by eating healthily and getting exercise in, all of which seems like instinct to me. Instead of sitting on Autotrader fantasizing about cars I have been reading kettlebell sub-reddits on reddit.com, buying kettlebells and swinging them ’till my hearts content. Instead of binging on junk food I have been eating stuff I would never have thought likely; like unsalted cashew nuts, drinking spring water, and eating salads.

I follow a diet that is also natural for me, but is enjoyable. Basically lazy Ketosis; high amounts of protein and good fats and a cheat day every Saturday where I get my naughty carbs. I used to eat a lot of fruits before and now I don’t due to the high amount of sugar in them…again this is without thinking about it myself.

I can sincerely recommend this to everyone. Yes, the price of admission is expensive, but then if you think of it in value terms it really isn’t. Rarely will you find such a cheap investment in life. Good luck, not that you need luck in Dominics care!

20 Years of OCD Fear gone in a day!!!!

Dominic changed my life and has truly inspired me to become the person I know I can be. After nearly 20 years of NHS Treatments for my OCD(Fears)which only made me worse and reinforced my OCD(Fears)I was so ill, I mean truly ill it felt like my mind was completely polluted by all manner of disturbing thoughts and being made worse every day by these treatments,so I stopped them, but I still thought constantly about my OCD(Fears)several thoughts I would say every second of the day. I then searched the web and found Dominic’s Website,I was determined to meet him and am so glad I did,he has changed my life around with the treatment he gave me,am still not sure what he done,but the next day I was completely different in how I thought and how I think about all manner of subjects in my life now,I now have the power of my mind back and would say am in complete control of it and where it is taking me,am researching into writing a book about my personal story of OCD(Fears)and how I am overcoming it and would gladly love for Dominic to contribute a few chapters as well,I have my passion, determination, character, vigour and dignity back all thanks to Dominic Knight,he has truly changed my life around and given me the freedom to do what I want with my life,I am constantly using his theories and others he recommended to me and believe me they truly work in so many aspects of my personal life. Thanks to Dominic I now know and believe(I can truly achieve anything and that is a big statement to make, but it’s truly how I feel)within my life,his continuing influence in my life is invaluable, priceless and am so glad to be able to say and call him my friend, because that is what he now is a true friend. Dominic Knight is without a doubt the single biggest influence in helping me overcome my OCD(Fears)after a truly awful 20 years,the words I have written here today are of true gratitude to him and his treatment for me but in all honesty no words can ever describe what he has done for me and given back to me,he is a true leader in his field and an inspiration to follow. Deepest Thanks, Dominic for myself my family and friends…

Paul McMonagle

11 Year’s of Eating Disorder Misery resolved inside 3 hours 

Dominic is exceptional in his service and personality.

He has been invaluable to me and I really can’t thank him enough.

If I just met him before, I could start living my life ages ago!

For more than 11 years I have been living on an emotional roller coaster that drove me into the never ended vicious circle of anorexia, binge eating, self-guilt and self-punishment that put me in a state of total depression, low self-confidence and esteem.

I stopped living my life and appreciating it as the most beautiful gift we can ask for.

 I am coming from an Italian family of tailors were looking good, the body image and the way you dress and fit into the dress counts more than anything else.

 I vividly remember going on my first diet when I was 12 years old. I don’t recall what triggered the need. I wasn’t exactly tall and lean but I wasn’t heavy either, although my parents did always point out my imperfection – something that stuck through the coming years. Time passed nearby and what, at the age of 12, was only a diet developed into Hell!

A silent transition!

My days became long, full of tears, anger, anxiety, destructive self- talks, total confusion and sense of being lost and incapable. Physically, mentally and morally devastated!

 My life was just an all about myself, my confused feelings and emotions, my ‘not perfect’ body image, the food obsession, the starvation diet, the binge eating crisis, the over-exercising, the destructive self-criticism and self-guilt, the deepest desire of being accepted and loved, the fear of rejection and being judged, the feeling of not being good enough, the fear of failure and not being able to… and ultimately I was never happy, fulfilled, calm and satisfied. Literally keep all of this under control was exhausting!

 It did not matter what much appreciation others showed me around who I was, the way I looked and appeared. What really was important and truthful to me was how I was seeing myself.

 After having tried different techniques, different counselling and therapists which improved slowly and temporarily my state of being, one day I hit the suffering threshold and I decided ‘enough is enough’!

I started searching, once again, for an effective solution to my case and I found Dominic.

I went through all the testimonials and most of them sounded familiar to my case.

I contacted him. He walked me through his service and he gave me some powerful insight. While talking to him I felt protected, understood and safe. I booked an appointment.

I was still very much not convinced (as I did not fully understand hypnosis and the ‘how it can cure me’ ) while very enthusiastic as I saw this as the possibility to get out of that state and have my life back.

 The Wednesday came and I walked to Harley Street.

Dominic let me feel very comfortable and calm.

The session was for me an amazing journey. I left inspired and empowered but could not feel any other transformation or massive difference in myself.

While walking home I was still thinking it may not work on me!

I am not sure how but the days after I magically had my life back by working with Dominic for few hours. It is now more than 4 months after that Wednesday and I am living a fulfilling life loving myself and creating my future.

This is my recommendation to you: if you are living something similar to my past or experiencing the same feelings and emotions I would strongly recommend to have a chat with Dominic!


Legend of Harley Street!

The best way for me to describe Dominic is that he is someone who knows what he is doing and does it very well, delivering only the very best to his clients… having been through his hypnosis sessions I have found that Dominic has this unique uncanny ability to “Literally Hypnotize” his clients with his rich, warm, calming voice and use it in a way that dissolves ANY phobia, issue or mental block that anyone could have; I personally found it most therapeutic !! His humble nature, him genuinely caring and listening sincerely to all his clients and delivering results; it’s no surprise why he is the most well respected and top leading NLP Clinical Hypnotherapist in the UK. I highly recommend Dominic’s services to anyone out there who would like a “Profound” change that will help anyone achieve positive breakthroughs in the long run. Many Thanks!

Viktor Yeliseyev

 Eating Disorder

“My son had a severe eating disorder and we found Dominic from his online reputation for dealing with numerous conditions , as our local therapist was sympathetic but mostly ineffectual.

The first session began to treat the most harmful elements of this life threatening problem and we were able to see an improvement straight away. The second appointment was targeted at some of the associated characteristics such as over exercising and the connection of feeling benefit from the deprivation of food and drink. It was very soon after this my son was able to control his eating habits again and he along with his entire family were able to put this horrific disorder that was destroying us all, in to a memory of a constant nightmare, that we have awoken from now. We will never forget what you have done for us. Many many thanks”


Phobia Free New York Flights!

Hi Dominic i said i would contact you when I returned from visiting my son in NYC. Have been back a week. Took four flights in all, London – FFK and back and trip we made together to New Orleans. Thanks to you I am 2/3 of the way to travel comfort! No problems with take-off, landing and flight. Still not so happy with the bumps. Thanks so much because I really have to visit my son at least once a year and have always dreaded the journey, but no more. Hope all well with you and your work, Best regards

David Wilson

Freedom from Agoraphobia in only one session

Hi Dominic Many thanks for coming to see me yesterday. I just wanted to tell you that I managed to go to Lakeside last night peak time, hundreds of Christmas shoppers and actually stayed an hour. I went into one shop and just browsed around with my daughter and then decided to venture into other shops and even waited fifteen minutes to be served in one. Something I haven’t done for so long. It was actually my daughter that started to feel anxious! I came home feeling so elated that I rang all my friends who couldn’t believe that I had done it. I am so grateful for your help. I know this is early days but I feel so positive and relieved that I can now overcome something that has taken over my life for so long. Regards

J Callaghan

OCD treated successfully in 2 sessions

Hi Dominic, WOW, WOW, WOW, Amazing, fantastic, enchanting now I know you are a master at what you do fascinating and grateful to yourself with all my heart thank you and bless you and your family. thank you R.H.

Flight to Italy 🙂

Hi Dominic, Just a quick email to say thank you. The flights to and from Italy went really well. A little anxious before the flight out – but nothing I couldn’t handle, and no nerves at all on the way back. One of the friends on the trip actually trains and examines pilots and offered to take me up with him and let me have a go at the controls myself some time – I’m almost tempted!!! Thank you so much for all your help.


Fear of Public Speaking Vanishes!

Before I went to Dominic, I had a crippling fear of speaking in front of an audience. I would be ridiculously nervous for weeks and often months before a speaking occasion and I would suffer with terrible shakes, stammers and general clamming up when trying to deliver a report in meetings. I decided that being in this condition was definitely taking over my entire life, affecting my confidence and holding me back from doing the things that really mattered to me. Enough was enough, so I went to see Dominic and after just a few minutes, he had broken down my fear and set out a positive path for me to follow in order to “eliminate” my phobia. It really did work and I undertook a meeting involving speaking to an audience within a week after seeing him and I truly couldn’t believe how confident and positive I felt. Dominic has transformed my life with his friendly, dynamic and positive approach and I really cannot thank him enough.

Do you really create lasting change?

(13 months after only one 2 hour session) Hello Dominic, Just an update on how I am doing, everything is going well, my life has changed tremendously since seeing you. My husband and I have moved to a lovely new home due to the work we have put into our business it has paid off for us greatly. My confidence is back, something I felt I had previously lost, it’s amazing how the change isn’t only an instantaneous occurrence it also happens over the months and the way I feel gradually is fantastic. My sister and best friend strangely enough are going through a bad time similar to that of myself, and I can help them through this without over worrying and staying focused. I feel the need to let you know now and again how I am doing as without your help I don’t know where I would be so I owe you a lot of gratitude. I see your having a great time and things are going well for you through your statuses, so well done you deserve it all after what you do for others. I am off to Scandinavia and the Baltic on a cruise for my 30th in July so lots to look forward to! Emma
E Roberts

Fear of Flying Vanishes With Flight to Australia!

Hi Dominic, Don’t know if you remember but during my meeting with you I said I would love to visit Australia and see my sister but wouldn’t even attempt it, Well I have just come back from 2 weeks with my sister and I went on my own, you wouldn’t believe how proud I feel of myself I had a wonderful time I didn’t tell her I was going and my Mum & Dad were there at the time and I just knocked the door and surprised them all for my dads birthday, So Thank You so much as I could not have done it without you
Mandy Williams

A Doctor’s Encouragement!

From the moment I met Dominic Knight I was totally impressed. His warmth and dynamic communication style are truly captivating and precise. His mastery of diverse and highly effective procedures, along with his deeply intuitive gifts makes him, in my opinion, one of the most effective hypnotherapists in the world. A truly enlightening man, I highly recommend his services. Dr Benny Morris Author of “The Valeo Method – Five Steps to Finding the Dream of the Soul”
Dr Benny Morris

From sceptical to advocate!

When you first meet a Hypnotherapist, you might be sceptical I know I was…But Dominic was able to break things down so quickly and easily; it was incredible how all the challenges in my life began to make sense and even better yet, fixable. Thanks, Dominic you are nothing short of amazing!
Robert Day

You Saved My Life!

Dominic is an amazing person! He changed my life in 2 hours! I was suffering from bulimia for a few years and it was getting worse and worse. Every day I was promising myself that it was the last day. But it just was not happening. I was frustrated, I had a nervous breakdown and was not living anymore but purely surviving. I lost my spirit, my soul and my identity. Dominic promised to resolve my problem in 2 hours with a life time guarantee, He was so confident in that that I just believed him 100%. I just knew he was going to help me. In 2 hours I was a different person. I don’t know how long it has been, may be 1 month but I know that my problem will never come back again. Dominic literally saved my life and I can’t express how grateful I am. Thank you, Dominic!

NLP Expert & Hypnotherapist Agrees With Dominic’s Approach

As an NLP trainer, a Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach, I always recommend people who aim for success to seek advice from people who are exceptional at what they do, and Dominic sets an example in his field. His passion to serve others and transform peoples lives is an inspiration. And his motivation is contagious. Meeting many experienced hypnotherapists around the world, I would say that Dominic is on the top of my list.
Joseph Al Awadi

Public Speaking Brilliance

Hi Dominic, Apologies I haven’t got back to you sooner I was waiting to have my presentation to let you know how it went. I absolutely smashed it! It was the biggest presentation of my career and I felt so confident once I started talking. I felt some nerves just before it but managed to calm myself down. As a result my boss complimented the presentation and asked me to do another one in front of the board in 2 weeks time. I would like to thank you for your help in making me truly fulfil my potential. You are a gifted man! Thank you Will P.s please feel free to use my comments on your website to encourage others like me. Thanks again.
Will Gay

Trainer & Life Coach

Dominic has a very unique approach and I consider him an innovator in his field. I am a trainer that has been involved in the field of self improvement for over 6 years. Seeing Dominic’s passion and desire to make a difference with his clients makes me recommend him for anyone who is serious about transforming and empowering their lives.
Adnan Al Awadi

Great Experience

Dominic’s abilities as a Hypnotherapist are unquestionable. I think it is also important to know that his motivation and personality reflect integrity and drive to succeed on behalf of his clients and friends. It was an honour meeting you.
Troy Boileau

Embarrassing Bodies

Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies team would like to thank: Dominic Knight, Master Hypnotherapist

Experts Agree On Dominic’s Approach

My name is Richard Osterfield, I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Hypnotherapist with affiliations to The Global Society of NLP, The British Board of NLP and The GHR (General Hypnotherapy register) I can safely say that Dominic’s Innovative and Insightful use of NLP teachings particularly in his works in the areas of Anxiety Disorders and Addictions have created breakthrough results with the seemingly impossible. I would refer anyone looking for treatment in this area to Dominic. Richard Osterfield GHR, MP NLP,GS NLP,MBB NLP Chairman Osterfield & Associates
Richard Osterfield

OCD & Anxiety Successfully Treated In One Session!

Dominic, Awesome session yesterday. Your methods are devastating and your technique scintillating. This afternoon hit me at the depths of my being. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. I’ll mail you after a while. have a great day, week, weeks,

8 year old overcome’s fear of flying phobia

Dear Dominic, I brought my 8-year-old son to see you in July, with a fear of flying, well a big thank you as we are flying out to Ibiza tonight, he is really looking forward to it. My son has asked me to pass on his thanks to you, and also our address as you had told him you would send him a gift.


Panic Attacks and Anxiety cleared in one session

After coming to see you last year, things have been even better. I don’t think about things and dwell on them as I used to, I have more determination with my life, I’m getting fitter and healthier, will power is definitely the key. It seems as if the silly things that made me worry so much before don’t bother me in the slightest. I have my moments now and again but these are getting few and far between. It’s fab, I feel more excited now with the everything that’s going on. I am starting to feel like my old self before all the panic attacks and anxiety which I can now gladly say is 99% gone, no more palpitations or freaking out. I was totally petrified at the thought of learning to drive a few years ago and gave up after 4 lessons and then I took my lessons again in August last year and passed within 4 1/2 months and this in itself has helped me greatly in my life. Work, home life and socially I am so happy. Thank you once again. Best Wishes
E Roberts

OCD, Anxiety and M.E Successfully Treated In One Session!

Hey Dominic, Thanks again for your session on Friday. The OCD and anxiety are about 90% better than it was, which is amazing. Feel so much lighter. And I’ve had more energy, I don’t know how you’ve done that or how long that will last, but I got up at 4 am the day I came to see you, after only getting to bed at 1 am, I must have walked about 20 miles around London, and have felt relatively little repercussions as a result, which considering I was diagnosed with M.E chronic fatigue, is unbelievable. Thank you.

Skeptic Overcomes Anxiety and Panic Attacks After Only One session

Dear Dominic, I am feeling better since your last visit. I can’t express enough gratitude for the amazing help that I have received and the resulting transformation. I still have a lot of learning to do. Your tools and methods will enable me to a build a foundation to continue on.

OCD, Anxiety and Depression Successfully Treated In One Session!

Dear Dominic Hope you are well. Just a quick note to let you know how I’m getting on after our meeting at the end of January. I met you on Friday 29th January, and by the Monday I was able to leave the house with no problems whatsoever – it was amazing. I haven’t been able to do that for years. I just go round the house and check the windows and doors only once, then off I go to work. I don’t even worry about locking up now. The anxiety and depression are almost non-existent although I still get very short bouts of being lethargic. I saw my GP last week and she was very impressed and agreed that I could start cutting down on my tablets which I was also very pleased about. Generally, I am more motivated and don’t worry so much but I am still working on it. I also still listen to your CD which I find very helpful. I only have one regret, and that is I wish I had seen you a long time ago! You have made such a difference to my life – thank you so much. Kind regards

Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks, Phobia of heights and CFS Gone!

We got a bit side tracked, so to clarify, I had agoraphobia for a least two years, chronic fatigue syndrome for about five years. I couldn’t walk more than a few meters from my door, and couldn’t drive more than about a mile from my house. after one session with you, I got about 90% better. with just a fear of heights still bothering me, after the second I was 100%. Also, the cfs symptoms dramatically decreased, I have a lot more energy and resistance to illness than I had before. I am happy to talk to anyone who wants to verify these statements.
D Curtis

Depression and Paralysis Treatment Successful

Dear Dominic, Thank you very much for everything you have done, I was walking again by the time we got back home and the depression is 100% better than it was. Thank you again, Abby

Depression and Social Phobia Treatment Successful

Hi Dominic, Thank you very much for your time today. It was a most unusual experience but very liberating! When I left I found myself in an elated mood. Very happy indeed! I even went for lunch on my own ( which I know is not unusual in itself ) but I had no adverse feelings or thoughts whatsoever? In fact, I was very relaxed, which has been something of a novelty for me of late. I will, of course, follow your instructions and intend to move forward in a positive manor. I will keep you posted as to my progress via e-mail. Thank you once again, Dominic. I hope that this is the beginning of the end of the bad times for me! Kind regards, Ashley P.S thank’s for the business info’
A Sims

Blushing and Confidence

Hey Dominic, I had the meeting today and couldn’t believe it but didn’t go red! Was absolutely ecstatic afterwards. It went really well, I was confident and relaxed. Thank you so much for helping me, I cant thank you enough. Ive recommended you to my friend Sarah (phobia of illness). I think shell be in contact soon!

After one session becomes Worlds fastest rower that Year!

I did my 2k test today and got a big PB- was 5:46.4 which is quite a big step at this level. That makes me the fastest guy in the world this year and number 2 on the all time British list behind Sir Matthew Pinsent (5:42.3). Will get him soon.
G Benton

Panic Attacks, OCD and Phobias cleared in one session

Dearest Dominic, I’m beginning to enjoy life once again, as I told before I was really scared, felt as if something was wrong with me, and thought I was going to die. I would spend all day constantly searching the web looking for answers to the symptoms I was experiencing. And really was getting more afraid and hopeless as time went on. I can’t remember exactly how much money I spent buying products on the web thinking that I’ll give anything to feel OK and in control again not constantly worried that something bad might happen to me. My relationships with my wife and daughter where suffering, I was too scared to tell them how I felt, I just put on a brave face but inside I was really crying. Anyway I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for seeing me on such quick notice. I’m really happy now, I feel fine, and I’ve started looking forward to things. I feel really good inside and as you told me during our session I won’t feel the urge to search on the web any more looking for the answers to my fears, and I haven’t so far. Things are good with my family again. Thank you so much Dominic for helping me feel free again, I really can’t express in words how grateful I am to you.”
D Pabar London UK

Phobia and Eating Disorder Vanishes

Good morning Mr Knight, You saw my daughter Michelle three weeks ago with an eating disorder problem. Since then she has been a totally different person â her personality has changed and she now eats well, even visiting Restaurants with us. I would like to thank you enormously for what you have done â the last few years have been a difficult time for all the family, but that now looks to be behind us.Many thanks again,
B Lang

Fear of Flying Phobia Gone

You saw me shortly before I was going to Kenya to visit my Grandparents who were not well, just writing to say I had absolutely no problem flying there or coming back, in fact, the only time I thought of it while I was over there was thinking that I’m not bothered with flying anymore. A Real Result!
S Shah

Phobia of Motor-ways and Fear of Flying

Many thanks for helping me defeat my phobia of flying and of driving on motorways. Before the session, I was sceptical that one session could help something that has got worse over the years, but I now feel more in control of this fear. I am even looking forward to the holidays I have got booked this year, rather than stressing out and focusing on being scared. J.F. , Schroderâsâ London

30 Year Phobia comes to an end in Under an Hour (Agoraphobia)

Dear Mr. Knight, Since 1978, I have been on every type of medication to try and alleviate my anxiety for 29 years I had been unable to travel or go out on my own due to my Panic, I felt skeptical at first and did not know if it would really work, I am happy to say I went out last Sunday on my own to a Horse Show, then to the Pub, I feel normal, I do not know how your techniques work, but they have worked on me. I would recommend you to anyone.
D Chester

As Seen In The National Press

Since the age of nine, I was plagued by all the eating disorders under the sun accompanied by severe depression. I went to GPs, counsellors, group therapy, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, you name it I had tried it. At 16 I was in The Priory, this sorted me out for a few months but the depression was still manic and I felt unstable so the eating disorder crept back into my life once again. Feeling desperate I went to a hypnotherapist on Harley street and after five sessions I still wasn’t any better and loosing hope I was ready to give up, until I stumbled upon Dominic’s website, I felt anxious about going after all the money I had spent on the other one but I genuinely wanted change and I felt secure that this time a difference really would be made, and after one session I felt amazing, slowly but surly I am now free of all of my eating troubles and depression is a thing of the past. I wake up in the morning loving life, I would swear by Dominic’s program.
M Laycy

Depression Treatment Successful

I visited Dominic’s clinic two years ago, and would say at the outset that, after years of mental and physical torment, he has dramatically changed my life for the better. For years I had suffered from anxiety and depression, had experienced a disastrous relationship, and serious problems with my physical health, leaving me in a state of self-loathing. I had a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide many times. I turned for help to various psychiatrists – including Harley Street specialists and private therapy which cost an absolute fortune – but their ‘solution’ of heavy drug therapy in no way solved my problems. As the years rolled on, my mental and physical problems intensified and life felt totally worthless. I believed nothing could help me, until I took a gigantic leap of faith and called Paul McKenna Training, who put me in touch with Dominic. My first visit to Dominic’s clinic was two years ago. After the first session, I felt like the shackles of my disastrous past had dropped away, for the first time in 15 years. I felt positive about my life and myself. I could hardly believe the turnaround that Dominic achieved, and will always be grateful to him for that. Dominic is now assisting me to manage chronic and almost constant pain. While my physical symptoms are a result of a muscular – skeletal condition, which cannot be alleviated even by the strongest painkillers, Dominic has helped me to put the pain into perspective, and to deal with related mental issues, which makes my situation easier to bear. I cannot recommend Dominic to you highly enough – take that leap of faith as I did and you may be amazed at the difference Dominic can make to your life.
H P London

Can Agoraphobia really be cured? You Decide

Dominic, I have defiantly been feeling better, I have been walking and cycling much further from my house than I have in a year. There are still a few tricky spots but I am very optimistic, it is only a matter of practice and generalization before they are gone. I am very grateful for your help; you seem to have succeeded where other hypnotists have failed.

Chronic Phobias and Panic Attacks Overcome In an Instant

Dominic first and foremost was able to reassure me that the problem could be solved. In the Past even the thought of going out to a public place would have my heart racing, I would hyperventilate and become afraid of passing out, I had an intense fear of Panicking especially in a Public place, the embarrassment and fear was overwhelming, I was also suffering from anxiety in all sorts of situations, for over 10 years. I had developed a fear of open spaces and had been pretty much house bound apart from being able to go to the local stores, he made me feel relaxed and gave me a new way to think about things. That week I went to the beach I could not believe I had suffered for so long I read so much rubbish saying that I had to learn to cope and it would be with me for life, It has now been 6 months since Dominic came to see me, and I cant thank him enough. I would recommend his services to anyone suffering similar problems.
K C Bristol

Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks Successfully Treated

Dominic, I just wanted to tell you that after the session I was in a little disbelief about that session but I feel something, and I can’t explain what in a very quick period of time… something I feel has changed inside of me… I think I’m starting to believe again! Thanks for you
N C Southend

Phobias and Panic Attack Treatment Successful

Hi Dominic, just an update to let you know that I am getting out and about, had two 6 year old for the day, went to Mc. Donalds, then to an inside adventure land, then shopping, then an ice cream parlor on way home I can’t thank you enough!!!
J M Wolverhampton

80% reduction in 20 year OCD after One Session

As a personal carer for my disabled wife, things were becoming extremely difficult, as I myself was suffering from OCD for as long as I could remember, I had to constantly check that the doors were locked, that the plugs in the house were unplugged, to the point that it would take me several hours to leave the house. I had to do something and had tried all avenues, I contacted Paul McKenna training and was given Dominic’s number as a recommended therapist. I was nervous before the session but pleasantly surprised with an 80% improvement within 2 hours. I am on my way to getting to 100%. Thank You

Can OCD really be cured? You decide

Hello, Dominic, I have been wanting to do this for the last week or so, I just wanted to email you to say a huge big thank-you for your help and assistance in me combating my aggressive persistent nasty OCD. It has been almost 3 years of absolute hell and utter torture. Every day was an absolute struggle and the feelings that I had I would not wish on any individual.However, I can truly now say that the OCD is now virtually gone and believe within a very short period of time will be gone forever. Brilliant.Whatever you did it bloody work, I have made so much progress and feel like a normal human being again. I now have so much time on my hands now and feel so alive and am happy again and I am very much looking forward to the future. I feel fantastic Dominic. I mean this from the bottom of my heart my sincere thanks go out to you. I only wish I had met you earlier. I wish you all the very best for today and for the future and keep up the very good work my friend.
S A London

Phobias and Acute Anxiety Disappear With The Power Of Hypnosis

Before I visited Mr Knight I suffered from acute anxiety and panic attacks. I felt anxious from the minute I woke up in the morning until I went to bed at night. I couldn’t function properly. I felt anxious about getting in the shower and washing my hair. My Mother would have to come and sit in the bathroom with me because I felt so anxious and couldn’t cope. I couldn’t even face getting dressed. I couldn’t hold a full-time job. I even felt anxious going out on social occasions when I really should have been looking forward to them. Everything I did in my life was a huge problem to me and I couldn’t even face coping with a normal day. I felt anxious all the time, my life was a mess. I then paid a visit to Dominic and my life changed dramatically. After a two-hour session, he managed to retrain my brain to think differently. I can now get in the shower without any problem. I don’t feel anxious in the morning when I wake up and I am now employed in a full-time job and coping very well. My social life has increased and I am able to go out and meet people and hold a proper conversation with them. I feel so much more relaxed and in control of my life, It’s unbelievable what a difference the treatment has made.
J Allen

Phobia of Dogs 11 year old twins overcome lifelong fear within 1hour

Hi Dominic Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with the boys yesterday, you made it very easy for them to put their trust in you and I truly appreciate that. I wanted to let you know that they came to the BBQ with us today and the day was a huge success. They were with the two dogs, one only a puppy so of course he was fairly boisterous. They were still slightly wary but nothing in comparison to previous visits we have made there, I think this may have been due to them just not being used to being around dogs for any length of time. We spent the day in the garden and they even took them for a walk with everyone else there as well. The boys took turns to hold the lead, which is a huge breakthrough for them; they are so pleased with themselves this evening. They will continue with the exercises that you emailed as instructed. Thanks again Dominic, it was great to meet you and again we appreciate the help you have given the boys. Yours truly S.H. Tonbridge, Kent

Agoraphobia/Panic Attacks (23 Year old Finally Begins Life without Fear)

Hi Dominic, Thought I would let you know how Danny is getting on since his visit to you. After your meeting, he has felt a lot happier. He was ringing all his mates and arranging for them to come round to see him. He’s been out for bike rides, and out shopping, a lot of the time on his own. His confidence is growing, everyone is noticing the change in him. Even work colleagues who have answered the phone to him say he sounds different! He had a big Test just the other day, by coming home & finding no one there. In the past he would have had a major panic attack if he had found no-one at home before he had seen you. He would have rung my phone until I answered and I would have had to go home to stay with him. In the past he would never have walked round to the bus stop he would have been in such a blind panic they would have had to stay with him. When he realized that he had coped with his biggest test so far he was so happy. I’m so happy for him, it really feels like life is finally turning around for him. Paul & I are so grateful to you for everything you’ve helped him achieve so far. We both know that with your continuing help he will be able to live a “normal” life, he’s come so far already. Thank you for all your help and support, look forward to seeing you again soon.

Phobia of Operation (Julie had put off the Operation Several Times)

After One Session here is what happened: Hi Dominic, Hope your OK had the op last Tues was still scared but surprisingly calm going down to theatre so the treatment did work just thought id let you know. Thanks Again
Julie Parker

Anxiety/ Panic Attacks Overcome With Hypnosis

“Our thanks to Dominic Knight for the help he gave our daughter. Following a session with Dominic she was able to compete in national competitions with little anxiety throughout the summer and had considerable success”. Once again many thanks
Michelle Goulding

Arachnophobia (phobia of spiders cured)

I was in tears before I came to see you, a Spider would send me into sheer terror & Panic¦After seeing you, in the evening I found a spider in the house & stayed neutral! Thanks it’s great to have reached this point, One day who knows I may be picking them Up in the Amazon!”

Hypnosis Treats Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Dear Dominic, Just want to thank you again for the session a couple of weeks ago. I do feel that it has helped. I really started to notice the difference almost immediately in terms of holding conversations with people. Before I would get nervous and embarrassed about opening my mouth. But now I feel much more confidant and I don’t worry about what other people are thinking. Also though when I do start to feel anxious in these situations I find it much easier to dismiss these feelings and focus on how I ought to be feeling.

Fear of Flying Phobia Gone

Last year after I went on my honeymoon to the Caribbean, we took a flight there, which I forced myself to do, & Unfortunately I took a boat back as I was petrified to fly¦a Year later we decided to go back to the Caribbean I booked an Urgent appointment to see Dominic after been given His number from Paul McKenna Training, within the session I felt a difference, I have been on 3 holidays since that’s 6 Flights & feel so comfortable flying, I can finally go anywhere.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Emetophobia) Phobia of Vomiting

For as long as I can remember I have had a fear of vomiting. However, a year before seeing Mr Knight my mental state had gone down hill. I was having panic attacks every day, general feeling of being scared. I was unable to go out in the car for longer than five minuets; I never went out and even eating became a struggle. After trying counselling, anxiety management and a hypnotherapist who laughed at my fears I was felt there was nothing I could do and would remain this way. Then I bought a Paul McKenna book and found at the end a number that changed my life. They put me touch with Mr Knight who has trained with Paul McKenna. Before my first session, I had my reservations, I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest didnât believe it would help but I was wrong. Within two minuets of my session, Mr. Knight had managed to reduce the panic attack I was having at the time of being unbearable and wanting to run away, to nothing. I after two hours my session was over and I could feel the difference in myself. I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and I felt so relaxed. That first session changed my life, I was no longer having panic attacks every day, I was going out again but most importantly I had my life back. My fear and anxiety no longer rule my life.
R Dowsett

Phobia of Show Jumping

Lisa had developed a Phobia after a major fall. She had been unable to ride properly for months; here is what happened after 1 session: Hi Dominic, Thanks for seeing me – the session was brilliant and I’ve since been Jumping with great success thus far! I am sticking to your instructions. I will e-mail Paul McKenna and cannot thank you enough, you have truly been inspirational. Many thanks
Lisa Winstanly

10-Year Phobia of Travel Overcome in Under an Hour

Dear Mr Knight Just wanted to drop you a quick note as a follow up to my phone call a while after I came to see you earlier in the year about my problems with travel and crowds. When I spoke to you I had got back on a train for a short journey (the first in over 10 years). Now I have just got back from a journey to Durham from King’s Cross and had a very enjoyable visit to my old University Town which would not have been possible before. I also managed to cope with King’s Cross in the rush hour on my return! Many thanks for your help. I seem to be making more and more progress and will continue to set myself targets of doing all the things I have missed out on since the problem started. My friends and family have noticed a big improvement and this can definitely be marked as starting from my visit to you.
Louise White

Post Traumatic Stress

Dear Mr. Knight, Thank you for responding to my Text Message. I am still in the Gulf, expecting to return to the UK in another week. I thought that if I put my thoughts down on an email, I might better pass on my exact situation. Firstly, let me say that your work with my problem has done wonders. It has certainly improved my quality of life, and I am appreciative of that. Most obviously my driving has improved by 90%, and that alone has been worth your help, I have a little way still to go but I know its just a matter of time.

Fear of Flying

May 5th 2006 Robert came to see Dominic at 7pm he had not flown on an airplane for several years. May 6th Robert Lands In Florida after a 12 hour flight & sends a text message saying: “I Made It! Thanks Dominic
R Telford

Public Speaking – Confidence

Presentations are a huge part of my new job and I was finding it difficult to relax and take control of meetings. My confidence was getting lower and I went to see Dominic for help. He used various techniques to get to the route of the problems I felt a sudden Rush of Confidence. Some of my smaller mental blocks were permanently cured within Only 5 minutes! I took the therapy seriously and trusted Dominic’s advice and within the 2-hour session, my confidence had improved drastically. I have noticed a huge difference at work, I have been following the special techniques Dominic prescribed me to practice, my life is at an all time high!”


Smoking Stopped With Hypnosis

I’ve struggled for years to stop smoking. Have tried the ‘Allen Carr’ approach, patches and gum at various times all to no avail. One session with Dominic was all it took to stop me completely. I now think of myself as a non-smoker, rather than an ex-smoker. I don’t really know how he did it, I can barely remember the session, I just find smoking repulsive
Nimmy Sanders

Weigh Loss and Food Addiction

I had been addicted to spread for 30 years & was clinically diagnosed as being obese I had tried everything Atkins, Weight Watchers, Starvation, all with little or no result each diet worse than the last, You helped me break my Addiction & since seeing you, I’ve effortlessly lost two stone in 6 weeks.
Rosy Cornwall

8-year-old child over comes 3 years of Tourette’s syndrome within 1 hour

Dear Mr Knight, I am doing very well with my ticks my nodding tick and my grunting noise is completely gone I was having trouble with my lip one but soon figured out how to control it. I have fully sorted out my happy place now and go there every morning and night and sometimes evening I have made it comfortable and when I’m there I dream of my ideal self my parents feel I am doing so well that I couldn’t do any better but I always try and succeed my life has changed and I don’t feel like an outcast and surely when I go back to school that people will see that change in me as well every night and morning I use the instructions and they work!. Thank you for changing my life thanks


“Just completed a session with Mr. Knight and the sensation I am feeling is beyond any aspiration of what I had in mind. I sit here now, knowing I have been taught by an absolute Master in his Field. A true inspiration from beginning to end & the excitement of once walking out of this office into the New World of new beginnings & total confidence is Paramount Fantastic.”
Simon Cowen Professional Trombonist

Phobia of Foods

“Thank you so much for help Dominic. Just thought I’d let you know I’m eating properly, Salmon, Tuna, Salad, Milk & Cereals, the World feels like such a beautiful place & It’s thanks to you”

Phobia of Chocking Eating Disorder

“Thank you so much for the help you have given to me. Truly you have helped find in me the person in me I thought I had lost. Itâs an amazing feeling the incredible work you have done. I was afraid to eat so many different foods especially tomatoes. Yesterday I made my family tomato soup, they were speechless. I was 6’2″ weighing 7 stone, I have now put on weight after 7 years of liquid foods, I am finally able to eat. You have a wonderful gift in what you are able to do for people. Stay Blessed”.

Cocaine Addiction Vanishes After 3 sessions

Dear Dominic, Just a quick email to say thanks, I’ve been clean for 6 months. I know I will never touch Cocaine again in my life you have worked wonders
M G London

Alcohol Addiction Overcome

Dear Dominic, Would like to say thank you for all your help with my Brother he is now slowly building his life back. I did not think he would live much longer if he kept at the rate he was going. He is a changed person and has kept well away from alcohol since the session with you Best Wishes
S Sing Newcastle

Eating Disorder Cured

Dear Dominic, Just a quick thanks, I have finally been able to eat normally. Before I was obsessing day and night about food, then feeling guilty after binging and vomiting. Then if anyone upset me my first release was food. It has not been that easy but I feel now with your help I have finally got there I will never go back to that life style again Thanks
J L Cheshire

Emetophobia Vanishes

Dear Mr. Knight, When I first came to see you I was too afraid to eat out, even travel or go on airplanes in case something was about to happen I know it was totally irrational but the fear kept kicking in and controlling my life. Over the past couple of months I have been able to do every day things that people take for granted but mean so much to me. I even went to see the Christmas lights with my boyfriend, I cant thank you enough
M Jones

Gambling Addiction

Just writing to say thank you for the session, I had been gambling since the age of 14, fruit machineâs the horses, I was making good money at work but everything was is the red I had exhausted all my credit cards, I do not even want to think about all the money I have lost, It was more the kick I got from Gambling that kept me coming back than anything else, I was about to loose everything, I even had to borrow the money from my Parents to come and see you. I no longer Gamble itâs a mugs game, I always knew that but finally Iâve got control thanks to your methods
G C Birmingham

The Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Dominic gave a brilliant exposition of NLP, strong, supportive & gave us exacting Training, Without Dominic we would not have been such a superb Success! Tobin May (Assistant Manager) Darwin Centre Live
Tobin May

Eating Disorder/Bulimia Overcome

Dear Dominic, I truly don’t know were to begin. To say you have changed my life would be an understatement, although it is early days I feel like a different person, the fact that i am no longer emotionally and mentally consumed by a fear of food is incredible. It has only been a few days and it has not been easy yet for the first time in a long time I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I actually truly believe that I will overcome this and I feel in control of myself as opposed to being controlled. I am taking each day as it comes and I cannot thank you enough. Sincerely

Private (London)

Social Phobia/Phobia of Interviews

Hi Dominic, hope your well, just wanted to let you know I went for the interview with the dreaded panel…lol and I got the job!! I am feeling so much better, less anxiety well almost none, I feel calmer, happier and I am not worrying like I did before about things that may not happen and I am sleeping like I haven’t done for years… thank you so much, Emma.. : )

Social Phobia Instantly Vanishes

Dear Dominic, Just want to thank you again for the session a couple of weeks ago. I do feel that its has helped. I really started to notice difference almost immediately in terms of holding conversations with people. Before I would get nervous and embarrassed about opening my mouth. But now I feel much more confidant and I don’t worry about what other people are thinking. Also though when I do start to feel anxious in these situations I find it much easier to dismiss these feelings and focus on how I ought to be feeling.

Trading Firm Profits Rise

“I decided to open my own trading firm, I took a back seat and was managing my traders but they were not producing anywhere near the way I used to in the City. I have the systems to a tee, the markets were writhed, but it just wasn’t happening, I looked for the answers, I came across Optimal Minds – initially, I was sceptical and doubtful, it can’t be as simple as a few psychological techniques and some simple changes¦How wrong I was. My traders have been producing solid for the past few months. I recommend Dominic’s services to anyone”
S Jackson

Company Sales Soar

Dominic has a method that really works we had a time limit of three months on our smaller goals. Dominic made me realize that I could achieve many of these in three weeks. I am now moving forward at a much faster rate. We are on course to achieve our larger goals and feel confident at working at a higher level. Dominic has changed us from being positive 60% of the time to be positive 99% of the time. Thank you
M J Impressions

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication desire and motivation while most people will experience faster change there is still a percentage of people who will need more sessions and time and work.