Attention: Anorexia Sufferers

Finally, A New Treatment for Anorexia

14,000 Hours of Therapy Time
Working with some of the most challenging cases in the UK revealed a powerful new method for helping Anorexics recover….

Could this be the solution you are looking for?

“Since the age of nine, I was plagued by all the eating disorders under the sun accompanied by severe depression. I went to GPs, counsellors, group therapy, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, you name it I had tried it. At 16 I was in The Priory, this sorted me out for a few months but the depression was still manic and I felt unstable so the eating disorder crept back into my life once again. Feeling desperate I went to a hypnotherapist on Harley street and after five sessions I still wasn’t any better and loosing hope I was ready to give up, until I stumbled upon Dominic’s Knight’s website, I felt anxious about going after all the money I had spent on the other one but I genuinely wanted change and I felt secure that this time a difference really would be made, and after one session I felt amazing, slowly but surly I am now free of all of my eating troubles and depression is a thing of the past. I wake up in the morning loving life, I would swear by Dominic’s program.”

– M. Laycy London

Have you struggled with anorexia or other eating disorder and feel alone, helpless, not knowing where or who to turn to?

Have you tried expensive therapy or rehabilitation centres to no avail?

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Dominic Knight. I’ve been featured on national TV and in magazines and newspapers like The Times, Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan. I also co-authored a book, Pushing to The Front. But more importantly, I’ve worked personally one-on-one with countless people just like you.

People with Anorexia. People who lost hope… who have given up…

People who thought there was no way out.

There is hope. I can help you. I have helped people all over the world, even when other treatments have failed. People just like you, who have tried every option available and have given up all hope of beating anorexia.

My system is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident around food—regardless of the period of time you have suffered from your fear of foods.

I’ve honed my method over the past decade with people who have tried and failed at every other traditional form of therapy for anorexia.

“You will be pleased to know that I have since put on over two stone, and now have absolutely no issues in eating a range of different foods—everything from pizzas and pasta to desserts also. I have attached a picture that you may find interesting—on the left hand side is me before seeing you, on the right hand side is me half a year later!”

– H. F.

The Solution…

Let me clarify right here this is NOT the same old treatment methods you may be used to.

What this is NOT:

  • talk therapy that takes months or years of delving into your past, family relationships, etc.
  • conventional medicine which fails in treating eating disorders 90% of the time.

Conventional medicine and psychological therapy try to treat eating disorders by targeting the logical or conscious part of your mind.

My method doesn’t. And it has worked for dozens of my clients.

What is it?

It’s actually a combination of 3 techniques in the psychology field: Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

I’ve spent the last 10 years developing, refining, and fine-tuning my treatment methodology for effectively beating anorexia. I will reveal everything to you in the session you book with me.

The “Secret” That Isn’t a Secret At All….

First, let me start off by explaining the basis of my treatment system. Traditional medicines and therapy try to treat eating disorders targeting the logical or “conscious” part of your mind.

They try to reason with your logical mind and show you that those little voices in your head that tell you you are fat and worthless are wrong.

But I’ve discovered that the compulsion to under-eat or restrict your eating is driven by the strongest and biggest part of your brain— the part that controls all your behaviour without you even knowing it. What is it?

Your “subconscious” mind. This other mind is what controls 90% of everything in your body—including your mind.

We store every thought and every memory in our subconscious mind. And this other mind can either work for you or against you.

But the good news is….

…you can reprogram your subconscious mind. Yes, you can learnt to control reprogramming your brain. You just don’t know how! But I can help you.

“Although we didn’t doubt for one minute or underestimate your expertise, the positivity in our daughter is nothing but a relief and astounding. We have every faith with her determination that she will only succeed to returning back to her normal size and lifestyle. The thing that makes us happiest is seeing her with a zest for learning, how intrigued and in ore she has been regarding your work, the sparkle in her eyes, her posture and attitude is one of confidence and purpose.

Thank you for giving her, her life back”

– T. H.

Why You Haven’t Been Able to Control Your Anorexia in The Past….

Again, the traditional therapies you have tried all attempt to combat eating disorders by dealing with the conscious part of your mind. But I believe I’ve found the root cause of why people can’t heal from eating disorders and the answer might surprise you.

It’s because you’re afraid to get better. Harsh, I know, but the truth. In my many years of working with people from all walks of life who suffer from anorexia, I’ve found that this is the major block to people getting well and learning to live a normal life.

But there is hope! All we need to do is reprogram your subconscious mind in order to get you on the path to recovery. And believe it or not, your subconscious mind takes care of the problem for you WITHOUT you consciously being aware of it.

It truly is that simple.

The Truth About Anorexia….

This process of starving yourself is happening without your full conscious awareness.

Yes, you’re not even aware of it.

But you starve yourself anyway—although you know you shouldn’t—and then feel if you eat something outside of your safe foods or imaginary numbers, you have done something wrong, ending up with anxiety and guilt. This sets up an irrational and uncontrollable fear of a particular food group(s) as well.

Now your brain begins to obsess over imaginary numbers and what’s inside the meal you are about to eat. This sets up a cycle of guilt and shame every time you even attempt to eat.

With all this fear going on, you become too exhausted to even try to get better.

Then when your body weight becomes abnormally low, part of your brain no longer functions the way it should, due to starvation. It causes you to make irrational decisions, and the fear of change becomes even worse!

If you’re like a lot of my patients you may experience:

  • A vicious cycle of restricting foods.
  • The fear of people commenting if you get better.
  • The fear of putting on weight.
  • The fear of losing control once you overcome Anorexia.
  • Obsessing over calories.
  • Guilt after you eat.
  • Obsessing over weight.
  • Depression.
  • Feeling Desperate.

Don’t despair.

“My son had a severe eating disorder and we found Dominic from his online reputation for dealing with numerous conditions , as our local therapist was sympathetic but mostly ineffectual.
The first session began to treat the most harmful elements of this life threatening problem and we were able to see an improvement straight away. The second appointment was targeted at some of the associated characteristics such as over exercising and the connection of feeling benefit from the deprivation of food and drink. It was very soon after this my son was able to control his eating habits again and he along with his entire family were able to put this horrific disorder that was destroying us all, in to a memory of a constant nightmare, that we have awoken from now. We will never forget what you have done for us. Many many thanks”

A.C. *

There is HOPE!

I know you’ve tried everything. I know you’re frustrated.

Afraid. Angry. I get it. Completely.

Almost all of my patients have been in the same position. Feeling just like you do.

Helpless. Hopeless. Alone.

The techniques that I use were first discovered by two incredible minds, Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Grinder and Bandler were both at the University of California in Santa Cruz in the early 1970s.

Working together, the pair developed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)—an incredibly powerful change technology.

I’ve been successfully using the same methods of NLP and Hypnosis that were taught to me by Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna to help my clients in my Harley Street Clinic. I then further refined and modified these methods to target eating disorders—specifically anorexia.

I was sure eating disorders were an area that could be helped by this combination of techniques.

I was right. They worked for many of my clients. And incredibly well, I might add.

How I Can Reprogram Your Mind To Control Anorexia…

The brain has 10 billion cells in it that “fire” in patterns for virtually everything you think, say, or do. Patterns or groupings of cells firing in different ways form “maps” that respond to our experiences.

Anorexia is a good example of how the brain works. A particular situation or “trigger” like eating produces a particularly strong physical response— instant fear! Every time the person is presented with the same stimulus, their body knows to have the same response.

The amazing thing is that people with anorexia NEVER forget to have this response. And that’s what keeps them stuck in their disorder.

You see our brains are actually nothing short of the most advanced and sophisticated computer in the world. The problem?

No one gave us an operating manual for our brain so that we know how to use it in the best way to serve us.

The simplest behaviours that we take for granted, like brushing our teeth, driving our car, getting dressed, speaking—all those activities we don’t have to think about consciously—are a set of “programs” that we have set up—unknowingly—in our subconscious minds.

Luckily, these programs are running in the background so we don’t even have to think about them.

And THAT is exactly what my treatment does: I aim to help you reprogram your mind so that you get rid of the fear and can set up healthy eating patterns.

Here’s What You’ll Experience In My Treatment Session….

In our 3 hour-long session, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to overcome anorexia and get on the path to recovery. I’ll take you through my process by first explaining:

  • The incredible power of NLP: How and why it works and how others have become free of anorexia
  • How you can feel confident enough to eat responsibly
  • How you can control stress and remain calm as you improve your weight
  • How you can overcome your negative thoughts about your weight and reach a size where you look and feel at your very best and are happy
  • How you can overcome the fear of what people may say
  • How you can take back control and feel confident in social situations.

After your session, you should feel much better and more able to cope with your disorder.

“I truly don’t know were to begin. To say you have changed my life would be an understatement, although it is early days I feel like a different person, the fact that i am no longer emotionally and mentally consumed by a fear of food is incredible. It has only been a few days and it has not been easy yet, but for the first time in a long time I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I actually truly believe that I will overcome this and I feel in control of myself as opposed to being controlled. I am taking each day as it comes and I cannot thank you enough.”

-M.Z. -London*

You Don’t Have To Suffer From Anorexia Anymore!

When a change occurs on the inside, it reflects on the outside. Your friends and family will notice the new you, and you will begin to feel better about it, then being in a position to do something new with your life, something you had only ever dreamt about before the illness. Instead of feeling anxious, depressed and panicky around food, you’ll feel energised, renewed and full of confidence. You can start living and building a life for yourself.


To help you continue on your recovery journey from anorexia, I include 2 CDs that I have developed using the latest available technology. The guided processes help break negative patterns in your mind.

These CDs include subliminal messaging, which help to deepen the suggestions given during the treatment session. Listening to them will help encode positive messages that bypass your critical mind and reprogram your subconscious mind on a much deeper level.

These techniques are designed to help break negative thought patterns and direct the mind towards positive change.

Book your session today and I will include these special bonuses for free!

Bonus CD #1: Sleep Better Now!

This CD focuses on helping you achieve a deeper, more relaxed sleep. This will help you to wake up each morning feeling more refreshed, energised and ready for the day ahead.

Bonus CD #2: Confidence Now

This CD focuses on helping you build confidence so you can overcome the “can’t do” thoughts. The suggestions on this audio will help you take control of your life allowing you to pursue change— all at your own pace.

Call now  0207 157 9613 or email me at and I will personally read and respond to you within the next 24 hours.

Many have already benefited from my treatment. I want you to be next.


Dominic Knight GHR, MP NLP, GS NLP

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