“I truly don’t know were to begin. To say you have changed my life would be an understatement. Although it is early days I feel like a different person—the fact that I am no longer emotionally and mentally consumed by a fear of food is incredible.”

– M. Z. London (After One Session)

Overcome Your Bulimia and Remove Your Subconscious Blockages That Make You Obsess About Food With This New Method

Dear Friend,

Do you feel alone and powerless, like you have nobody who understands or can help?

There is someone you can turn to. I have seen and helped people all over the world, people who have tried every option available and have given up all hope of successfully treating their bulimia. My name is Dominic Knight. You may know me from national TV or features in magazines and newspapers like The Times, Men’s Health, and Cosmopolitan. Perhaps you’ve read the book I co-authored, Pushing to the Front.

I’ve worked with countless people just like you. Over the last 10 years, I’ve developed and fine-tuned my formula for counselling people struggling with bulimia, and I’m prepared to reveal everything to you in a one-on-one session at my Harley Street clinic. My system is fast, quick, and easy to learn. Let me help you rediscover comfort and confidence around food. Even if you’ve suffered for years with your eating disorder, you’ve nothing to lose by calling.

NOW is the time to take control of your life and your health. Achieve your ambitions without an eating disorder holding you back.

Let me clarify right here—this is not the same treatment method you get from clinics, therapists, or other doctors.

This is totally different and based on my signature combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Hypnosis and Thought Field Therapy, a technique I’ll explain below.

If you are looking for the conventional approach, you will not find it here.

Did You Know the 5-Year Success Rate for Treating Eating Disorders is Less than 50%?

The mainstream medical community attempts to treat eating disorders by targeting the logical or conscious part of your mind. But the compulsion to over- or under-eat is driven by the strongest and biggest part of your brain, the part that controls all your behaviour without you even knowing it. That is the subconscious.

Unless you re-program your subconscious mind, you will usually lose your battle with bulimia

The Truth About Bulimia

Starving yourself, or binging and purging, happens without full conscious awareness. You do it despite all logic telling you that you shouldn’t, that it’s dangerous and costly. Uncomfortable anxiety and an uncontrollable compulsion take over, leaving you unable to fight the irrational behaviour. The abnormal eating allows you to temporarily shut out the feelings of shame and inadequacy this behaviour gives you. It’s so powerful that you lose conscious control of everything else around you.
Another way to look at it is that when you starve yourself, you become obsessed to the point of putting your life in danger. You then succumb to what is called a bulimic trance. This can be accompanied by a rush of feel-good endorphins that affect your subconscious mind, quickly making the binge-and-purge cycle addictive.

A light at the end of the tunnel

The good news is I believe I can help. My techniques were first discovered by two incredible minds, Drs. John Grinder and Richard Bandler at the University of California in Santa Cruz in the early 1970s. Working together, the pair developed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)—an incredibly powerful change technology. I’ve been using the methods of NLP and Hypnosis as they were taught to me by Drs. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna to help my clients in my Harley Street clinic. After a decade of experience, I have modified these methods to specifically target eating disorders.

Lifelong battle with bulimia ends and makes the national press!

“Since the age of nine, I was plagued by all the eating disorders under the sun, accompanied by severe depression.

I went to GPs, counsellors, group therapy, psychotherapists, psychiatrists—you name it, I had tried it. At 16 I was in The Priory. This sorted me out for a few months but the depression was still manic and I felt unstable so the eating disorder crept back into my life once again.

Feeling desperate I went to a hypnotherapist on Harley Street and after five sessions, I still wasn’t any better and losing hope. I was ready to give up until I stumbled upon Dominic’s website. I felt anxious about going after all the money I had spent on the other one, but I genuinely wanted change and I felt secure that this time a difference really would be made. And after one session, I felt amazing. Slowly but surly I am now free of all of my eating troubles and depression is a thing of the past.

I wake up in the morning loving life. I would swear by Dominic’s program.”

– Laycy, London Model

How I Can Help You

Nobel Prize winner Professor Gerald Edelman spent thirty years researching how the brain functions. In his conclusion, he states that our more than 10 billion brain and nerve cells arrange themselves into groups in order to form “maps” that respond to our experiences.

Here’s how the brain works to develop bulimia. A trigger (boredom, anxiety or hunger) produces a strong physical response (an instant compulsion). When we act on the compulsion, we receive relief from the trigger event. We’re no longer bored, anxious, or hungry, and our discomfort is alleviated. Over time we require more intense action to obtain the same level of relief, essentially training our subconscious to increase the compulsion to levels we’re unable to resist. Every time the person is triggered, their body has the same response. Thus the pattern is created, and the compulsion becomes more difficult to resist.

We do this without thinking about it for things that have become second nature, like walking, running, or driving a car. When driving, you don’t consider every move you make. You don’t have to think much about it; you just drive. Your subconscious has coded the information necessary—like a computer program—and signals your body to react appropriately. But if you get in an accident, you quickly learn more caution around that specific driving situation.

Unfortunately, we have subconscious drives that are not so good for us, like those that cause anxiety, compulsions, and obsessing about food and weight. Just about every negative behavioural condition that exists can be traced back to a self-limiting set of programs.

What Makes These Methods So Different And Powerful?

First, NLP addresses how programmes are installed in our brains, and enables us to target the source of a bad programme. Second, it implements simple methods to replace the harmful programmes with more productive and beneficial ones.

I have been utilising NLP for years in my Harley Street clinic with my clients, helping with a multitude of afflictions such as bulimia, panic attacks, addiction, and chronic anxiety. I’ve treated countless people using these techniques, and I hope I can help you, too.

What will your life be like when you become YOU again?

Most of my clients suffering with bulimia experience some or all of the symptoms below:

  • Binging and/or purging as a cycle or separately
  • Obsessing over food
  • Obsessing over weight
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Desperation, shame, helplessness
  • Body dysmorphia

During your tailored session, you will learn what it takes to become free of your bulimia, including:

  • How to stop obsessing over food

  • How to stop feeling guilty when you eat something you had considered bad

  • How to control stress and remain calm

  • How to eat a dessert without the urge to binge

  • How to reach and maintain your ideal weight without starvation

  • How to feel confident in social situations

See It For Yourself!

My Bulimia Free Session is based on methods and techniques I use daily in my private practice.

Many people write to me about the tremendous change in their lives after completing the session, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please read what some of my clients have to say:

“Dominic is an amazing person! He changed my life in 2 hours! I was suffering from bulimia for a few years and it was getting worse and worse. Every day I was promising myself that it was the last day. But it just was not happening. I was frustrated, I had a nervous breakdown and was not living anymore but purely surviving. I lost my spirit, my soul and my identity. Dominic promised to resolve my problem in 2 hours. He was so confident in that that I just believed him 100%. I just knew he was going to help me. In 2 hours I was a different person. I don’t know how long it has been, may be 1 month but I know that my problem will never come back again. Dominic literally saved my life and I can’t express how grateful I am. Thank you, Dominic! “

– Y.M.

Hypnosis session helps overcome bulimia

“Just a quick thanks. I have finally been able to eat normally. Before I was obsessing day and night about food, then feeling guilty after binging and vomiting. Then if anyone upset me my first release was food. It has not been that easy but I feel now with your help I have finally got there. I will never go back to that lifestyle again. Thanks ”

– J.L., Cheshire

Are these people any different than you? No, they are not. They just had problems with their subconscious running a detrimental set of programmes. The only thing they did differently was to give my bulimia free session a chance. I hope you’ll see for yourself what it’s like to live a life free from any eating disorder.

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence” -Modern Psychology

There is Hope

To help you overcome bulimia, I will include the special CDs I have developed using the latest technology to break negative patterns in your mind.

These CDs include subliminal messaging to encode positive messages that work to bypass your conscious mind and reprogram your subconscious on a much deeper level.

These techniques are based on the Lowery patent 5,159,703 and have been used by Olympic medallists, as well as some of the biggest companies in the world, to help break negative thought patterns and direct the mind towards positive change.

Book your session today and I will include these special bonuses for free

  • Free Bonus CD #1: Sleep Better Now: This CD focuses on achieving more relaxed sleep, meaning you wake each morning more refreshed, energised and ready for the day ahead.
  • Free Bonus CD #2: Confidence Now: This CD focuses on building confidence to help you overcome “can’t do” thoughts.

Overcome your Bulimia. Fill in the answers to the questions below and I will personally read and respond to you. You have nothing to lose by trying my Bulimia FREE Session. Many have already benefited from my program. I want you to be next.


Dominic Knight GHR, MP NLP, GS NLP

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