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Here’s what one client has to say about Dominic’s work:

Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Emetophobia) Phobia of Vomiting

For as long as I can remember I have had a fear of vomiting. However, a year before seeing Mr Knight my mental state had gone downhill. I was having panic attacks every day, general feeling of being scared. I was unable to go out in the car for longer than five minutes; I never went out and even eating became a struggle. After trying counselling, anxiety management and a hypnotherapist who laughed at my fears I was felt there was nothing I could do and would remain this way. Then I bought a Paul McKenna book and found at the end a number that changed my life. They put me touch with Mr Knight who has trained with Paul McKenna. Before my first session, I had my reservations, I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest didnât believe it would help but I was wrong. Within two minutes of my session, Mr Knight had managed to reduce the panic attack I was having at the time of being unbearable and wanting to run away, to nothing. I after two hours my session was over and I could feel the difference in myself. I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and I felt so relaxed. That first session changed my life, I was no longer having panic attacks every day, I was going out again but most importantly I had my life back. My fear and anxiety no longer rule my life.

R Dowsett

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Dear Friend,

Do you want to take control of your life and eliminate your anxieties and phobias in an effective way? Then this may be the most important message you ever read. I can help you clear up adrenaline build up, the fear of embarrassment, panic attacks, anxiety and stress.

Here’s how…

#1 During your session with me, you will experience my breakthrough system called Phobia Free which is designed to transform your mindset into that of a confident, phobia-free person.

#2 I want you to experience first hand the personal satisfaction you’ve always wanted, regardless of the situation… just like the countless people who have already gone through my Phobia Free session!

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Are you fed up with irrational fears ruling your life? Do you dread that horrible build up into a panic attack while you sit, virtually paralysed, unsure how to respond?

Do you suffer from any of the following:

  • heart palpitations
  • chest discomfort
  • dizzy spells
  • choking and closed throat
  • hot and cold flashes
  • feelings of unreality and disorientation
  • panic attacks
  • light headedness

Are you filled with needless worry, fear, and nervousness?

Have you tried everything and don’t know who to turn to?

My name is Dominic Knight. You may have seen me on TV helping 74 people overcome their fear of flying inside of 45 minutes. Or maybe you’ve read about me in magazines and newspapers like The Times, Men’s Health, and USA Today. You might have also read the US book I co-authored, called Pushing to the Front.

What you need to know is how I can help you. I’ve taught thousands of people in 67 countries around the world, people just like you, how to eliminate phobias and anxiety. In the last 10 years, I’ve developed and refined my method for eliminating fear and I will reveal everything to you in my newest programme, aptly named Phobia Free. Your session is designed to help you learn how to feel comfortable and confident, regardless of how long you have suffered from your phobia and anxiety.

This is How Your Mind Created Your Phobia

Nobel Prize winner Professor Gerald Edelman has spent thirty years researching how the brain functions. He concludes that our more than 10 billion brain and nerve cells arrange themselves into groups in order to form “maps” that respond to our experiences.

During the creation of a phobia, we experience a particular situation or trigger (for example, a large audience). This produces a strong physical response (sweaty palms, fast breathing, panic, increased heart rate, and more). Because of the intensity of this response, the brain learns quickly, and the response is hard coded into our cells. Thereafter, each time the person is presented with the same stimulus, their brain reacts automatically and the same set of symptoms return, reinforcing the intense response.

In simple terms. our brain is like the most advanced and sophisticated computer in the world. Computers use programs—like a spreadsheet uses formulas and calculations—to perform repetitive tasks. Our brains repeat the formulas they’ve learned through our experiences as though they’ve been coded with internal programs. The difference between our minds and a computer, however, is that we learn, causing those internal programs to adapt and grow. The more intense the learning, the faster the adaptation.

For example, when we learn to drive a car, it is stored as a set of programs in our brain. When driving, you don’t consider every move you make. You don’t have to think much about it; you just drive. Your brain has coded the necessary information and signals your body to react appropriately. But if you nearly get in an accident, you quickly learn more caution around that specific driving situation.

Even the small things we take for granted—brushing our teeth, getting dressed, speaking, or walking—are a set of programs run by our subconscious. Luckily for us, these programs perform in the background because we learned them when we were children. Imagine how chaotic our lives would be if every time we were faced with an easy task, like taking the next step, we had to concentrate to complete it.

Media Reports on the Power of Hypnosis

Media Reports on the Power of Hypnosis

What Makes this Method of Overcoming Phobias different?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) first discovers how programs are installed in our brains, and then how faulty programs can be replaced with more productive and beneficial ones. That’s one of the techniques I employ at my Harley Street Clinic to help my clients overcome their phobias.

I have been using many breakthrough methods for the past decade with my clients, to treat problems ranging from simple phobias to chronic cases of anxiety.

Here’s what you’ll learn in your Phobia Free session:

  • The incredible power of NLP

  • How you can regain control over your life and stop avoiding situations

  • How to minimise stress and remain calm

  • How to overcome and replace negative thoughts with positive ones

  • How to overcome your fears so you can feel confident in your daily life

Experience It Yourself!

My Phobia Free session is based on methods I use daily in my private Harley Street practice. You can be assured the session is built on real world experience working with my clients and not conjecture and speculation. Just listen to what my clients say:

* Disclaimer results may vary: While every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and the potential for change, please remember each individual’s success depends on many factors that can not be guaranteed.

Agoraphobia, CFS and Phobia Cleared in One Session

“I had agoraphobia for a least two years, chronic fatigue syndrome for about five years. I couldn’t walk more than a few meters from my door and couldn’t drive more than about a mile from my house. After one session with you, I got about 90% better. With just a fear of heights still bothering me, after the second [session] I was 100%.”
—D. Curtis

30 Years of Panic Attacks

“Dear Mr. Knight, Since 1978, I have been on every type of medication to try and alleviate my anxiety. For 29 years I had been unable to travel or go out on my own due to my panic. I felt skeptical at first and did not know if it would really work. I am happy to say I went out last Sunday on my own to a horse show, then to the pub. I feel normal. I do not know how your techniques work, but they have worked on me. I would recommend you to anyone.”

– D.C., 72, Retired Farmer

Phobia of Public Places and Panic Attacks

“Dominic first and foremost was able to reassure me that the problem could be solved. In the past, even the thought of going out to a public place would have my heart racing. I would hyperventilate and become afraid of passing out. I had an intense fear of panicking, especially in a public place—the embarrassment and fear was overwhelming. I was also suffering from anxiety in all sorts of situations for over 10 years. I had developed a fear of open spaces and had been pretty much housebound apart from being able to go to the local stores. He made me feel relaxed and gave me a new way to think about things. That week I went to the beach. I could not believe I had suffered for so long. I read so much rubbish saying that I had to learn to cope and it would be with me for life. It has now been 6 months since Dominic came to see me and I can’t thank him enough. I would recommend his services to anyone suffering with similar problems.”

– K.C., Bristol

Phobia of Crowds & Travel

“Dear Mr Knight,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note as a follow up to my phone call a while after I came to see you earlier in the year about my problems with travel and crowds. When I spoke to you, I had got back on a train for a short journey (the first in over 10 years). Now I have just got back from a journey to Durham from King’s Cross and had a very enjoyable visit to my old University Town which would not have been possible before. I also managed to cope with King’s Cross in the rush hour on my return! Many thanks for your help. I seem to be making more and more progress and will continue to set myself targets of doing all the things I have missed out on since the problem started. My friends and family have noticed a big improvement and this can definitely be marked as starting from my visit to you. Best wishes”

– L.W., Durham

Phobia of Motor-ways and Fear of Flying

Many thanks for helping me defeat my phobia of flying and of driving on motorways. Before the session, I was sceptical that one session could help something that has got worse over the years, but I now feel more in control. I am even looking forward to the holidays I have got booked this year, rather than stressing out and focusing on being scared.

J.F. , Schroderâsâ London

These people are just like you. They had problems with the set of programs they were running inside their brain.

The only difference has been that they put their doubts aside and gave my Phobia Free session a try.

Think of all the time you lose following your restrictive fearful behaviours because of your phobia. Think of the doors you’ve closed, the opportunities you’ve passed by.

I am going to aim to help you regain your self-confidence, your energy, and your enthusiasm, and free yourself to pursue your dreams.

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.” — Modern Psychology

If 21 days after your session you haven’t experienced an improvement, I will gladly see you again at no cost for up to 3 months (FREE). I will do all I can to help you get better.

Clients say not only did they feel better after experiencing a Phobia Free session, but their friends and family noticed the change too! Instead of feeling anxious, depressed, and panicked, they replaced those feelings with an energised, renewed, and positive new attitude.

If you want to put an end to the Phobia you are currently experiencing, you have nothing to lose by filling the questionnaire at the bottom of the page, I will personally respond to you within 24 hours.

My sessions have helped so many people live free from anxiety and phobias and I’d like you to be next.


Dominic Knight GHR, MP NLP, GS NLP

Other Phobias also treated:

Social phobia – Social

Arachnophobia – Spiders

Nyctophobia – The dark

Coulrophobia – Clowns

Entomophobia – Insects

Enochlophobia – Crowds

Ophidiophobia –- Snakes

Ablutophobia – Washing

Spheksophobia – Wasps

Brontophobia – Thunderstorms

Driving Phobia

Emetophobia – Fear of vomiting

Gephydrophobia – Crossing bridges

Catoptrophobia– Mirrors

Acrophobia – Heights

Ornithophobia – Birds

Odontophobia – Dentists

Glossophobia– Speaking in public

Claustrophobia –Enclosed spaces

Agoraphobia – Open spaces

Molysomophobia – Dirt or infection

IMPORTANT: Legal Disclaimers

Results and representations made by Dominic Knight and are statements only of your potential for change. The success of Dominic Knight, testimonials, and other examples used are not intended to be a guarantee. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, dedication, the level of motivation, and diligence in applying the advised recommendations. Your session conducted with Dominic and the follow-up materials are taken with your full responsibility. You are solely responsible for your own decisions, evaluation, results, and use of our products and services should be based on your own due diligence. You agree that Dominic Knight is not liable to you in any way for your results in using our products and services. See our Terms & Conditions for our full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.