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The trigger event for your anxieties happened in an instant. Maybe your problems manifested shortly after this event or only emerged years later. Whatever the timeline, your mind has been running a faulty program, rewritten by the trigger event, ever since.

What Dominic Knight discovered was that a problem created very quickly doesn’t always need years of therapy to overcome. (Don’t worry. There’s no “regression” back to relive your nightmare.) Dominic uses a signature combination of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), thought field therapy, and other modalities to zero in on the issue. His most recent innovation—The 14 Second Thought Tool—gives you the power to tackle almost any undesirable behaviour without relying on a therapist.

By using your imagination, your emotions, and all your senses in an intense way, you focus on the desired positive outcome. When this heightened emotion wears off, you repeat it. You now have a better understanding of your subconscious—the “script” that powers the way you think. Now you can focus on erasing the old program and replacing it with a new program.

Once the new program is correctly installed and running in your subconscious, new positive behaviour can override the old negative behaviour. Imagine having your life back, free from old destructive habits, with new constructive behaviour put in place. No more anxiety. No more fears. Once you own this 14 Second Thought Tool, it’s yours to use whenever you need it.

Celebrity therapist Dominic Knight, known for his appearance on TV’s Embarrassing Bodies, is one of the UK’s most recognisable Clinical Hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners. At his Harley Street clinic he treats everything from extreme phobias to crippling addictions.

Dominic Knight treats hundreds of people each year, even those given up on by other practitioners, to help them return to the normality for which they yearn. His client list contains success stories featured in the media in the USA and UK. In TV studios in Hollywood, California, he helped a person with a severe cheese phobia, as well as an agoraphobic prescribed every drug imaginable. Both were able to shed their phobias after receiving Knight’s treatments.

Knight’s achievements have earned him coveted appearances on FOX, CBS and ABC News in the USA as well as national press coverage in The Times and The Guardian in the UK. He also assisted Channel 4’s BAFTA winning Embarrassing Bodies team, helping a chronically agoraphobic woman overcome her consuming fear.

Dominic’s total dedication and commitment to finding new and innovative solutions make him a stand out in this field. His willingness to go the extra mile to help his clients has given him a high success rate for overcoming fears, phobias and addictions.

Mellissa Laycy dreamed of becoming a model, but a cruel remark about “puppy fat” from a London talent scout sent her into a destructive spiral of anorexia and bulimia. Over six years she received treatment at several facilities, including The Priory in Roehampton, but it is Dominic Knight she credits with turning her life around. Mellissa is now a healthy, successful model, her eating disorders behind her. Her remarkable story was featured in The Mirror.
Other former clients include:

    A 30-year-old with chronic agoraphobia
    A champion martial artist who was told he’d never train again
    A 74-year-old with a lifelong phobia of flying
    A paralysed girl who learnt how to walk again

Dominic Knight is heavily involved with the performance enhancement of professional athletes and executives. His client list includes The Metropolitan Police, IBM, JP Morgan, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, The Royal College of Surgeons, and individuals in the entertainment industry. Whether his challenge is to cure panic attacks, fear of public speaking, eating disorders, or to enhance human potential, Dominic offers the highest level of help and understanding possible, providing support for some of the most complex and unimaginable psychological conditions.

Troubled by fears, phobias and addictions, and want them resolved as soon as possible? Are you an athlete or executive determined to unlock the part of your mind that unleashes your potential and optimises performance? Contact Dominic now and book an appointment.